Operation: Life Update!

by | Feb 12, 2018

Whew! It has unfortunately been far too long since a post has gone up. Who knew that the final stages of uprooting your entire life would take up 99% of your day?

I was cringing at the idea of opening our site and seeing the date on the most recent post. 

When we first started our blog, we were bursting with grand plans and post schedules on topics that we wanted to touch upon before we left. After all, that was the whole point of getting it started so early. A lot of those ideas won’t see the light of day… and for that we apologize. Hopefully we can come back to them at some point because we definitely learned a lot.

Looking on the bright side though, it was great practice for us as far as brainstorming post ideas. So that’s something at least!

One Last Trip to Joshua Tree National Park …for now

For now, I really wanted to take some time to at least throw up a quick update on our progress, lives, and overall mental health…all of which got pretty unstable for a bit.

Since our last post… we got married! Again! In early January, we had the wedding of my dreams. It was a very simple equation:

“very exclusive guest list (of 25) + extremely affordable (a reception of pizza and beer) + seedy Las Vegas wedding chapel +  whiskey x no stress = happiness for all”

Getting Dirty in Our 70s Themed Thrift Store Wedding Attire

It was truly one of the best weekends of my life. I won’t lie though, I was ecstatic when it was over so we could focus 100% on the final preparation steps.

However, If I had even an inkling of insight into how annoyingly suffocating our eBay/Craigslist journey was going to be, I would have been a bit less enthused.

Between the scammers, tire-kickers, insulting negotiators,and flakers, we came very close to piling everything up on the lawn and torching it just for spite.

“No, the TV is not included in the price of the TV stand.”


“That’s really great that you love your dog so much, but no, he can’t lie on our couch first to see if he likes it.”


“Oh, you drove your 2-door sedan over to move our queen size bed? Good thinking, buddy!”


“So, you want to buy my motorcycle that I love more than most things in this world as a “practice bike” before you “get a better one”? Thanks, but I’d rather push it off a cliff…into lava.”

I suppose it’s always nice to gain skills in this world, but getting good at selling your personal items over the internet is like watching a Michael Bay movie… rarely worth the effort.

In the end though, we sold just about everything we wanted to, albeit for less than what we had planned. Yes, even my motorcycle (*sniff*). We also donated a LOT more and even ended up throwing out a lot. Everything we own now fits into our little Kia Soul.

But Think of the Dance Parties!

After a monumental effort (mostly on Army’s part), we’re still on schedule to leave on our intended departure date at the end of the month.

We settled on what travel insurance to use, where to send our mail, what credit cards and bank accounts to rely on while traveling, and much much more. I can’t believe that we’re actually ready for this!

Final Beach Day. Yes, in February.

Oh! In addition to all of this, my last day of work was February 2nd. Even though I’m not religious, I felt like I was reincarnated into a person with less constant overhanging dread. I think some of my frown wrinkles even receded.

At the moment, we’re “guest-room surfing” around Los Angeles at friends’ places until Army’s mom’s birthday. After that, we’ll head out on our cross country road trip!

A Local Classic Climb I Got to Hang Off Of Before Leaving

Our first stop will be Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for a little climbing. Check back soon for some road trip updates!

With Love,

Army + Ryan