• EVA Foam Injection Compound

    Product Name: EVA Compound
    Application: Foam Slippers, Shoes, Cushions
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    Product Details

    Grade TE10-60C3
    Appearance Granule
    Application Foam Slippers, Sports Shoes Midsole, Soft Cushion
    Injection temperature(℃) 80-100
    Mold Temperature(℃) 170-200
    Foaming Time(s) 250-450
    Hardness(Shore C) 60C
    Foaming Ratio(%) 150
    Specific Gravity(%) 0.28

    Performance Features

    1. Environmental and non-toxic, safe and hygienic.

    2. Light weight, good elastic body, soft and comfortable.

    3. The surface gloss is good, the color is bright, and it is easy to process and shape。

    4. Customized materials with different foaming ratios, quality and colors are available according to customer requirements.

    Packaging and Storing


    Avoid dampness and sunshine.


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