• Application of ZnS

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    Application of Zinc Sulfide


    XINDA LS-397 is a Zinc Sulfide based high purity functional white pigment. It is typically used in following applications.


      Plastics and Rubber

    - Low Abrasiveness: LS-397 has lower Mohs hardness than TiO2. So it can be used in all glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GRPs) which require good tensile strength and other mechanical properties. With lubricating properties, it can protect machines and moulds from abrasion.

    - Excellent Processing Performance: LS-397 can be used as lubricant to avoid the elastomer plastic becoming brittle. It also has good dispersion and high temperature stability, which can promote the processing of high-performance plastics and improve the production efficiency.

    - Excellent Optical Performance: LS-397 is a unique white pigment that can be used together with optical brighteners to make brighter whiteness. Unlike TiO2, it can also prevent metal ions from entering the polymer. Therefore, it can improve the weather resistance of plastic.

    - High Thermal Conductivity: LS-397 has high thermal conductivity when used in polyolefins which can help protect polymers against thermal degradation and it is suitable for plastics in LED.


    Example of Application- Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

    - Mixing with TiO2, PA66 glass fiber reinforced will significantly reduce its mechanical properties. However, using Zinc Sulfide LS-397 to replace TiO2, the mechanical properties are well retained.