• Development prospect of lead free heat stabilizer in China

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    Heat stabilizers are the main additives used in the processing of PVC products, which are used to improve the thermal stability of PVC products. The traditional heat stabilizer is lead heat stabilizer, because of the toxicity of lead, European and American countries are rapidly reducing the use of lead heat stabilizer, part of the European countries in 2015 to stop the use of lead heat stabilizer. Although our country does not have mandatory deadline, but to encourage the development of lead-free heat stabilizer, to speed up the replacement process. The key development of lead free heat stabilizer is the rare earth heat stabilizer, organic tin heat stabilizer and calcium zinc compound heat stabilizer. The enterprises of our country in the world to achieve the industrialization of rare earth heat stabilizer, rare earth element is the main raw material of lanthanum and cerium rare earth compound products, health and safety, no radiation, over the years for the export of plastic toys production, enjoy considerable popularity in the international market. China has the advantage of rare earth resources, rare earth heat stabilizer should be used as the first choice for China to develop lead-free heat stabilizer.

     Organic tin heat stabilizer is the dominant variety of European and American countries, comprehensive performance is good, but the price is higher, the future of our country also has a larger development space.

     A composite heat stabilizer can be integrated a variety of heat stabilizers, the non-toxic calcium zinc compound heat stabilizer, mainly used for steel tube, pipe fittings, food packaging plastic products, plastic film products, with the continuous progress of calcium zinc stabilizer products, calcium zinc stabilizer in the cable, medical equipment, foam products, wood and other industries in more extensive use.

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