Founded in 2007, Guangdong Xinda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (Original "Heyuan Xinda Technology Co., Ltd." ) is a National High-tech Enterprise. With 150,000 MT annual production capacity and an area of more than 100,000 square meters, XINDA is a leading manufacturer of plastic additives in China.

    We have state-of-the-art production lines for the production of plastic additives and an excellent technical and management team. Combining rich experience and advanced technology, we are committed to innovation, research, production, sales and relevant services of PVC heat stabilizers (flake/powder/liquid/granule...), impact processing modifier, functional masterbatch and flame retardant. XINDA has been awarded “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Enterprise Technology Centre of Guangdong Province, “PVC Heat Stabilizer Engineering and Research Centre of Guangdong Province”, and “ISO 9001:2015”. Our main products are also certified as “High-tech Products of Guangdong Province”. 

    XINDA was founded on the idea of “sincere service and win-win cooperation”. We constantly endeavor to develop more effective, multifunctional and environmentally friendly PVC heat stabilizer and flame retardants. With well-developed quality monitory system and research means, we guarantee professional, reliable and superior products and services. We are also committed to environmental and ecological protection.

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