2 (Working) Days in San Francisco: Staying at the… OMNI HOTEL!!

Traveling for my day-job as a simultaneous interpreter isn’t quite as glamorous as you’d think. I seldom get to stay in fancy hotels since clients would prefer to pay for my lodging in a Travelodge or Motel 6. This time, however, I actually got to stay in a fancy hotel.

Ranked #3 on TripAdvisor as of 2017, I have always wanted to try the Omni Hotel in the Financial District.

This was all thanks to the fact that I had to take a super last-minute work trip to San Francisco during the 4th of July weekend. To be fair and more economical for my clients, I really wanted to book my stay at the Hilton San Francisco a few blocks away where I would get free breakfasts thanks to my Gold Status earned from my American Express Hilton Surpass credit card. This would have saved my clients some money for my per-diem charges.

Fortunately for my experience, most of the hotels in the Financial District were all booked solid because it was the 4th Of July weekend. Having to book just a few days before my stay didn’t help either. Plus, the Omni Hotel was actually on the economical side compared to some of the other hotels and only two blocks away from where I had to be. Sold! Lucky for my client, I joined the Omni Guest program just before making the booking so my wifi would be free ($20 otherwise).

I don’t stay at Omni properties too often, so I wanted to focus on earning United miles instead, so I booked through Rocketmiles where I ended up earning 10,620 United Mileageplus miles for my 2-night, $540 stay. Had I just booked directly with the hotel, I would have earned only 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent (approx. 1,620 points). I actually ended up earning about 15k United miles from just the hotel and flight bookings for this trip… which should be enough to pay for one intra-Europe flight next year. Not too shabby for… covered expenses. 😉

Hello, Omni!

Everything about this hotel – from the impeccably dressed doorman to the marbled lobby, floral decorations in the elevator lobbies, and beautiful rooms – screams fancypants.

I wanted to be high enough where the urban noise (hello, cable cars!) wouldn’t be bothersome while I got some work done in my room, so they put me in Room #924. It was a pretty standard King-bed room with just enough space for a super comfortable bed, dresser, desk, sitting chair and ottoman. I think it would be perfect for a solo traveler or a couple. The color scheme doesn’t pop, but it felt really classic and luxurious.

I took the photos after setting my duffle bag in the bathroom and doing my initial bed-bug check (which I always do as soon as I enter a hotel room… just in case…).

The marbled bathroom was so comfortable and luxurious! The lighting was bright enough to do my makeup and the sink had enough counter space to lay all 55 makeup products I need to achieve the “natural” look (okay, 15 products).  I’ve never been compelled to take a bath at a hotel, but the tub looked so big and comfy that I ran to Walgreens down the street and bought some bubble bath + Epsom salt to take a deep soak to wind down from my first ever domestic First Class flight. I skipped on the $7.50 bottle of water though.

Room Service:

I honestly don’t feel safe walking around the Financial District (and its vicinity) at night by myself, so room service was an easy decision. It only took me 2 hours of internal debate to justify the cost.

*Fried calamari and jumbo shrimp cocktail.

Calamari was crunchy w/out being greasy & the batter was yummy enough so I didn’t use the sauces. Jumbo shrimps were indeed gigantic and fresh… but you only get 4 of them.

Total cost after tax, service charge, and tip = $50.

Worth it? It was worth it to me because it prevented me from having to walk around that “hood” by myself in the dark. Had I been there w/Ryan, we would have gone out to grab something else.

*Omni Hotel SF’s must-try is the French toast.

 There was a Keurig in the room so I was able to skip the $8 coffee.

Total cost after tax, service charge, and tip = $30.

Worth it? Not really unless you’re a business traveler wanting to save time. The portion was huge though, so it would be enough for two people. I definitely turned it into breakfast + lunch.

My Food Recommendations for Price & Time Sensitive Business Travelers:

*Henry’s Deli – affordable Korean food

Located right next to 24 Hr Fitness, Henry’s Deli is AWESOME if you’re super hungry and want some fast and simple Korean food. This whole spread of Korean bbq beef + rice, Cheetos, sparkling water and banana only cost me $12.50 total.

*Oasis Grill – delicious Mediterranean food.

Chicken shawarma wrap was really yummy and HUGE.

I saw a female traveler tell her friend “it looks really good but it’s really expensive!”

The wrap and beef skewer cost me about $17… so I guess it really depends on where you’re coming from. It felt like a bargain to me!

Since I’m already used to inflated LA prices, I’m pretty happy that Ryan and I won’t experience that kind of sticker shock when we start our nomadic life. 

Although Ryan and I tend to choose the most convenient and safe hotels when we travel, I can’t deny that I really enjoy basking… in a large hotel tub surrounded by marbled countertop. It was a much needed refuge after an incredibly hard day at work – I feel very lucky that I had such a comfortable place to unwind.

 Has anyone else stayed at the Omni San Francisco? Did you like their gargantuan French toast? 😉